Community Resources

for expectant and new families in Saskatoon

Are you feeling overwhelmed about what to do and where to go for support during your pregnancy and postpartum?  You are in the right place! I remember this being one of the most dauting parts of being pregnant or a new parent...there are so many options! Let me help get you started. Here I've gathered my favourite resources, mostly located in the Saskatoon area. I continue to update this page as I learn and discover more about what is available, so check back often.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors provide safe and effective care to help relieve pain and improve function during pregnancy, labour and after birth.


From pelvic floor health, aches and pains, and movement and exercise, a physiotherapist is a must have on your pregnancy and postpartum support team.


Acupuncture can be used safely throughout pregnancy to support the body and treat a variety of symptoms. In the third trimester, it is used to help prepare the body for labour decreasing rates of medical intervention, inductions and c-sections.

Osteopathic Care

Osteopathic treatment is a great option in pregnancy to to help release tensions in the body that builds with a growing baby. It also helps prepare you for birth and postpartum recovery by ensuring proper pelvic alignment of your pelvis.

Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga

Improves sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, increases strength and flexibility, decreases common pregnancy symptoms such as back pain, nausea and heartburn. Aids in postpartum recovery...need I say more?

Feeding Support

It is important to feel supported in your feeding journey with your little one. Whether it is prenatal feeding education, newborn feeding support or introducing your child to solids these resources have you covered.

Sleep Support

Sweet sweet sleep! This is one of the biggest concerns I hear from expecting and new parents....will I ever sleep again? The answer is yes you will, but in the meantime it is helpful to know what to expect from your baby and strategies to help you avoid sleep deprivation.

Fertility Support

For those trying to conceive who are facing challenges and setbacks on their journey to parenthood. Receive fertility counselling, fetal loss and birth trauma support, maternal wellbeing, and so much more.

Maternal Mental Health

Transitioning into life with a new baby can bring up lots of challenges. Whether you need prenatal support or postpartum guidance having someone there to help you navigate is essential.

Massage Therapy

Alleviates common aches and pains in pregnancy. Reduces stress and anxiety and improves mood. This is a service I recommend to all the families I work with....It just feels good!

Birth Photography

The moment you meet your baby, those sweet baby toes and all the love surrounding your birth and postpartum space documented. Such a wonderful keepsake!

Childbirth Education

Prenatal education is well worth the investment! Knowledge is power and is very helpful in preparation for meeting your baby. Find options for private education, group, and online offerings below.