Private Prenatal Classes

During Covid-19 I am offering in-person or virtual one-on-one custom birthing classes.

Entering your birth space feeling confident and prepared can make all the difference in your birth experience. In our modern world, we work harder and longer hours than ever before making it challenging (and overwhelming) for us to find enough time to prepare for our baby's arrival. I make it easier for parents by offering custom, private prenatal classes with education and support.

Think childbirth classes

customized for you, on your schedule, and in the comfort of your home.

What you can expect from a private prenatal class:

  • 1 I learn a lot about you and what information you need in our initial consultation so I can ensure your needs are met during our time together.
  • 2 Together we take a deep dive into pregnancy, labour, birth and postpartum life.
  • 3 Our time together will be full of information sharing, discussions and FUN!
  • 4 I am available to answer your questions through email/text support. No questions are too big or too small.

Private Childbirth Class Packages

These support packages aim to provide the perfect balance between essential prenatal information and family customization. Currently, all childbirth education classes will be offered virtually so you don’t have to live in Saskatoon to benefit!

Infant Sleep            Education Session

Ideal for any family wanting to learn more about infant sleep, and how to optimize sleep for the whole family!

The support you will receive:

  • 1 private zoom or phone call (~ 1 hour)
  • Learn about normal infant sleep, safe sleep practices, what to expect from your baby's sleep, and how to prepare your home and mindset for bringing a new baby home
  • Follow up information and parent handout resources.



most popular!

Getting Ready for Baby
Education Package

Ideal for families that would like custom, one-on-one birth and postpartum educational support.

The support you will receive:

  • Initial consultation
  • 2 in-home/virtual prenatal classes (~3 hours)
  • Learn about labour, birth and postpartum care, what to expect, options for comfort and pain management, and how to advocate for yourself in the birth space. All from the comfort of your home.
  • 1 in-home/virtual postpartum planning and infant sleep education session (~1 hour)
  • Create a plan for navigating stressors once you bring baby home and learn all about normal infant sleep
  • Unlimited text/email support
  • Information and parent handout resources


Birth Preparation Education Session

Ideal for new and experienced parents. Learn all about labour and what to expect every step of the way.

The support you will receive:

  • 1 private in-home/virtual  education session (~2 hours)
  • Learn about the physiology of labour, effective labour positions, options for comfort measures, optimizing the pushing stage, immediate newborn care and so much more!
  • Information and parent handout resources
  • Custom birth preference template


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"Working with Lindsay has been such a great experience. She made us feel so comfortable while answering our questions in a very non-judgmental manner. We really felt like we were all on the same team working toward a common goal. She was really able to help my husband feel empowered as my support system through labor and the weeks leading up to it by giving him the right tools and mechanisms to be there for me. THANK YOU"

Hanna and Josh Neufeld

"As a second time mom I didn't really think I needed to do a prenatal class again. Now I can't believe the things I had forgotten or wasn't taught in the first place!! My husband was not a fan of the weekly health region classes we attended the first time. Lindsay's one on one class at our house when it was convenient for our schedules was fantastic and extremely informative. We feel so much better equipped for this birth."

Marta and Skylar Feltis

"Lindsay was incredibly polite, compassionate, knowledgeable, experienced and accommodating to our specific journey and we couldn’t have asked for a better doula to have welcomed into our pregnancy. My husband and I were very excited to meet our baby but welcoming a newborn with next to no experience was a frightening feeling. With the support of Lindsay and her knowledge we were quickly feeling at ease with the tremendous education classes and information she was able to provide to us personally in our home."

Kristy and Jeff Bosch

"Hire Lindsay, it will be the best decision you make today! Our baby was born during the pandemic and only my wife and I were allowed in the hospital. We worked with Lindsay virtually for prenatal education and she provided support during our birth experience. Lindsay provided prenatal education sessions online that were easy to understand, professional quality, and evidence based. She prioritizes her clients needs and tailored our sessions to topics we were most interested/concerned about.

My wife laboured for over 40 hrs and in the toughest moment when I felt we were out of gas and wasn't sure if we could do it, I texted Lindsay and she reassured me, offered advice, encouraged and supported us. Even though we were in different provinces and time zones during our pregnancy and labour, Lindsay played a significant role in our birthing experience. We can't thank Lindsay enough!"

Danielle Dobney and Fiona Cheng